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How to clean your Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360

You use a Shark NV360 to clean your house. But you should remember to clean your vacuum, too. Cleaning vacuum ensures vacuum's performance and lasts the using time. Do you know how to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner? Follow our instructions below.

What you need for cleaning a Shark Nv360 vacuum

To get the best result from the vacuum cleaning, you need the following things to carry out:

  • Water: you should prepare warm water
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft brush
  • Wood skewer or something like that

Cleaning your Shark Navigator 360 step by step

Firstly, you have to take the vacuum cleaner apart. Don't forget to disconnect from the power. If not, it might be very dangerous. Remove each part in turn: HEPA filters, foam filter, handle hose, dust cup. Remember to take note of the placement of each filter.

Then you need to check out everything. Find out obstructions and remove them. Obstructions are mentioned here might be pet hair, fuzz, clinging dust, or hairballs.... You can remove them by using a damp cloth. In case, you can't reach them, it is the right time to use your wooden skewer to release those objections.

The next step is to empty and cleans your Shark navigator NV360 vacuum dust bag. Dump out whatever is in the vacuum's dust bag. Then you prepare a sink of warm soapy water. Let take the dirt canister to this water sink. Clean canister with a rag or a long-handle brush. After that, dry it with a soft and dry cloth.

The next step is to clean the Shark vacuum's filters. You need to spend more time cleaning foam/ felt and HEPA filters. For foam and felt filters, you use cool and clear water without soap to clean. If you add soap to do this, your filters will be damaged quickly.

Actually, most manufacturers don't recommend washing felt filters. If you don't want to see and use a dirty felt, you still can clean it. However, do it carefully.

For HEPA filters: you have to pull them out and rinse well with clear water before drying them fully. You shouldn't return filters to the vacuum at this moment. Check out carefully to ensure that filters are totally dried before returning them.

  • Clean the head of the dusting brush: use scissors to cut everything that has wound around the vacuum cleaner's brush. Do it carefully to avoid cutting your brush. Pull until they come off the vacuum brush.
  • Clean handle hose of Shark Lift-away deluxe Nv360: disconnect the handle hose from a Shark vacuum, then remove all of sticky dust and grime. You need soapy water and a brush or rag to clean the handle hose. Finally, hang the handle hose vertically for it to drip dry.

The last step is to reassemble your Shark navigator Lift-away Nv360 after everything is completely dry. Return each part in turn.

Have you ever tried to clean your Surprisingly Smooth Cleaning with the Shark Vacuum NV360? Do you think it is easy to do or not? You can carry out it by yourself or you need some bits of help? Please share your experience!