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Weathering Using Salt...Chipping Process
« Gepost op: 30 mei 2015, 10:49:36 am »
Most of you might know. This method is largely used by kit plane and armoured vehicels modellers.
I wanted to try this on my trains and see the results.

I started off by dismantelling a Brawa fridge wagon;

I sealed all the decals and other parts with a masking liquid;

Next step was to spray the first layer with rust colour and let dry.After it dries I spray with dullcoat , hairspray can also be used.

I used table salt but lump chunks of salt can also be used.
Now with a piece of small bristle brush slightly wet, I pick up the salt and leave it on to the areas that would be rusted. The trick is not to wet the salt too much, just enough to stick on to the surface.
After leting them dry I spray with the color we want of the original surface ;

now after all dries we prepare hot water with brushes

...then with a hard brush we scrub the parts with salt,

We have this effect;

This is what you get at the end;

Tried it on one of my hooper wagons, the result;

...and one of my diesels;

thanks for watching

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Re: Weathering Using Salt...Chipping Process
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 30 mei 2015, 10:58:26 am »
When you show this it seems so easy , one of these days I gone trying it  using a very old object.
Thanks for showing all the "how to do it" articels.